Partnerships with other Newfoundland Non-Profits

Elsie - Jake
Former Brigus Public Librarian, Elsie Percy & Jake, 2009. Photo by D. Flynn.

The Landfall Trust partners with The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery Division in offering a residency for Canadian and international visual artists. Watch the News and Events page for announcements.

More recently, partnerships have been launched with Memorial University's Department of English Creative Writing Program and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, for writers (2017) and with the Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Arts Society, for musicians (2018).

The Trust also maintains close working relationships with the Brigus Historical and Conservation Society, the St. Georges Heritage Committee, the Brigus Public Library and the Brigus Town Council.

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The Estate of Bradley Jacob Folensbee, Jr.

The Folensbee Estate and Landfall Trust Partnership

Jake Folensbee

Bradley Jacob (Jake) Folensbee, Jr.

The Folensbee Estate enabled the creation of the Landfall Trust by making the 11-acre Landfall preserve and its Kent Cottage available exclusively to the Trust to oversee and to provide educational programs supporting the arts and cultural heritage activities.

The Landfall Trust's initial funding from the Estate provided two-year capital and five-year operating grant awards enabled the use of Kent Cottage for the Artist and Writer-in-Residence programs. 

The Partnership between the Trust and Estate also created the Landfall Legacy Endowment dedicated to conservering Landfall and Kent Cottage..  

In May of 2012, the Estate transferred title of Landfall to the Trust.

Listen to an audio recording, about Jake, the Folensbee Estate and the Landfall Trust with Trust board member Robert Frampton, a former student and friend, Remembering Jake.

The Estate is truly appreciative of the Trust Board, Advisory Committee and numerous volunteers for their dedication towards creating a sustainable Landfall Trust supporting arts and cultural heritage programs, and the conservation of Kent Cottage, into the distant future. The pristine 11-acre Landfall perserve and its historic Kent Cottage is truly a provincial and national treasure.

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To learn more about the Landfall Trust and Folensbee Estate partnership, please see the attached letter from the representatives of the Folensbee Estate.

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